March 02,2021

Watch The Webinar: Breaking the Seder Rules

Posted by Haggadot Executive Director Eileen Levinson navigates the rules of the seder, then offers creative ways to break those rules. First, connect to your seder's purpose, then experiment with different ideas to construct a seder that meets your needs this year. 

Here's some of our favorite haggadot & clips for reimagining the seder's traditional structure

Dayenu Seder -

Friend Seder -

Minimalist Seder -

#SederAllDay -

Moishe House Reverse Seder -

Comedy Haggadah -

Games Blog Post -

Afikomen Blog Post -

Alternative Seder Plate Items -

Human Tableau -

Skits -

Songs -

Sharing Haggadah on Zoom -