January 17, 2017
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"A Rugrats Passover", Nickelodeon
It's true that Pesach doesn't have the pop cultural cachet of, say, Hanukkah. But as one of the most important holidays on the Jewish calendar, there is an impressive range of pop cultural depictions of Passover. Read on to learn about four of the best-loved depictions of Passover and the Exodus story.
The Ten Commandments
No list of Passover entertainments would be complete without this momentous film. To modern eyes, Cecil B. DeMille's retelling of Exodus may seem a little hokey. But the film boasts an all-star list of excellent actors, and the sets and on-location filming (in Egypt and Mt. Sinai) are genuinely impressive. What's more, its special effects (especially the parting of the Red Sea) earned it an Academy Award -- as well as a reputation as the most expensive film ever made at the time.
'A Rugrats Passover'
Rugrats isn't just the favorite TV series of many a '90s kid: it also portrayed the Jewish faith of the character Didi (and her son Tommy) with sensitivity and grace. In this episode, the show's babies find themselves trapped in an attic with Didi's father, Boris. To while away the time, Boris tells the babies the Passover story -- and the babies imagine themselves as part of the story. The episode won considerable critical acclaim, as well as the highest ratings in Nickelodeon's history.
The Prince of Egypt
This 1998 animated musical is another '90s favorite, and it retells the Exodus story with fun and flair. DreamWorks' stunning animation drew both critical...
April 17, 2016
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Not sure how to start your haggadah? We've created a printable checklist of the seder, along with a list of our favorite social justice content. Open the file & click the links, or follow our list below.
March 18, 2016
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Image from
It turns out that Jews aren’t the only ones with a plate full of ritual items in the springtime. Persian new year, Nowruz, comes in the springtime (this year it falls on Sunday March 20th). And as part of the preparations for Nowruz, Persian families--Jewish, Muslim, and Christian--prepare haft-seen.
Haft means seven, and seen is a letter in the Persian alphabet that makes the s sound. Haft-seen is a plate or table that has seven things that start with the letter seen. Each item has a symbolic significance, and many are generally related to spring and rebirth.
Haft-seen contains
- seer | garlic | medicine
- samanu | wheat-based pudding | affluence (or fertility, depending on who you ask)
- seeb | apple | health and beauty
- serkeh | vinegar | old age and patience
- sabzeh | sprouts or greens (usually sprouted lentils or wheat sprouts) | rebirth
- senjed | wild olive | love
- somagh | dried sumac berries | sunrise
And that’s not all. Many haft-seen tables include a slew of other objects that are related to the season. You might find:
- sekkeh | coins | prosperity
- sonbol | hyacinth | spring
- goldfish | life
- colored eggs | birth, new life, etc.
- candles | light
- a mirror | also light
- a sacred book
Haft-seen is not a religious holiday, so it is celebrated by nearly all Persians, including Jewish Persians, who will be setting up their seder tables in just a few weeks. And these Persian Jewish families are getting a head start on cleaning for Passover, because besides...
March 19, 2015
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Very exciting news over here at…for this Passover season, we’ve got a new partnership and new specialty Haggadot.  Here are some highlights – for the full press release, click here.

Our specially created and curated Haggadot include:

- “Greatest Hits” Haggadah (curated by team)
- The Jewish Women’s Archive Haggadah (created by Jewish Women’s Archive)
- The JQ International GLBTQ Haggadah (created by JQ International)
- A Haggadah for Justice (social justice and equality content, curated by team)
- The Anonymous Haggadah (created by Jewish Alcoholics, Chemically Dependent Persons and Significant Others).
We are also partnering with Michael Hebb and Seder2015, who have provided two additional featured Haggadot and several other supplements and conversations:

- The Human Trafficking Haggadah, with partner Polaris Project
- The Interfaith Issues Haggadah, with partner Interfaith Family
- A recipe collection, edited by NYC chefs and cookbook authors Eli and Max Sussman in partnership with the Jewish Journal of Greater Los Angeles
- A compendium of Passover anecdotes, in partnership with Tablet Magazine
- A new initiative to expand the conversation about gentrification, in partnership with Repair The World
And did you know… about sixty percent of’s more than 37,000 registered members are between the ages of 18-34, indicating that millennials – the digital natives who trust peer-to-peer content more than top-down authoritative...
October 20, 2014
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From the team behind comes Custom & Craft, a new site for publishing your own Shabbat services and Jewish celebrations. Soon, you'll be able to mix and match prayers, songs, and artwork for Friday night service, Havdalah, mealtime gatherings, and more. Find out more at
We are currently accepting submissions for artwork from Jewish artists who wish to engage with ritual and Jewish culture, especially Shabbat. If you have already created such work, we would love to see it and share it with our audience! We can also supply a small fee for artists who create work for us. If you have any questions please feel free to contact our Community Coordinator Melissa Karlin. We would be happy to speak with you more about our website, services and how your artwork will be shared and used in our initiative.
We strongly encourage visual artists, writers and performers to apply. Please submit by providing a link to your portfolio website or images in file attachment to 
October 20, 2014
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We're honored to be part of the Slingshot Class of 2014-2015! Check out the full article in EJewishPhilanthropy.
April 13, 2014
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Image from our new video "The Passover Seder - A How-To Guide"
We’re in the home stretch! Passover begins tomorrow night at sunset, so now is the perfect time to put the finishing touches on your Haggadah, and print it out so you have it on hand for your seder. Can't remember everything you should have in your haggadah? We made this cute little video to remind you. Check it out--we're pretty proud of it. 
And if you think your haggadah could use a little something more, here are some of our favorite clips:
Letter From a Slave to His Old Master
Emancipation Proclamation
Who Knows One in Ladino
Vengeance Vs. Empathy
The Four Defense Committee Members
The Four Faces of Oneself
Ten Plagues of Climate Change
"Exodus" by Bob Marley
Dayenu, an exercise in gratitude
Gender neutral god-language wine blessing
A Gefilte Fish Tale
Human Rights Prayer
Elijah's Journey
Olives on the seder plate
Pharaoh Hardened His Own Heart
Ten Plagues, Ten Healings
Karpas--Tears of Exertion
 Wild Geese by Mary Oliver
Need even more inspiration? Head over to the clip library and look for something that inspires you. Or head to our blog for recommendations ofartwork, videos, activities and more that will make your seder something special this year.
 Wishing you a very happy Passover, and excellent seders!
April 8, 2014
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The Burning Bush
Passover is a few days away, and you’re probably putting the finishing touches on your Haggadot. If you’re looking to add some striking visuals to your Haggadah, we’ve got you covered with over 400 options. Here are some of our favorite pieces of art that you can add to your Haggadah.
Burning Bush
This striking stained glass-like image gives a dreamy feel to the miracle that kicked off the whole story.
Chad Gadya
You can’t have the traditional song about a goat without an adorable picture of a baby goat, can you?
A Seder in Europe in 1943
This picture of a seder held in Europe in 1943 depicts dozens of soldiers taking a break from fighting the Nazis to eat some matzah and have the customary four cups of wine.
Lego Slavery
The Israelites suffered greatly under Pharaoh, and this Lego image is surprisingly evocative. Use it as a challenge to the Lego movie lovers in your midst: who can create the most impressive Lego scene from the Exodus?
This is just a taste of all the art we have at Choose your favorites for your own Haggadah here.
April 8, 2014
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Less than a week to go until the first seder, so it’s time to put the finishing touches on your Haggadot so they’re ready for you on seder night. At we have tons of text clips that are perfect for your print Haggadot, but we also have dozens of video clips, perfect for helping get you into the mood for Passover, and for playing at your seder if you use electronics on the holiday. Here are some of our favorite video clips:
For the a capella lovers: The Fountainheads Dayenu medley

We guarantee this song will be stuck in your head for hours, plus it has stunning visuals, some excellent costumes, and live camels.
Stop Motion Yachatz

This stop motion video is a deeply creative look at the numbers in the seder, and the way that the breaking of the matzah might symbolize different things.
For the history buffs: Franklin Delano Roosevelt on the Four Freedoms

Which kind of freedom is most valuable to you?
Women of the Wall

If you’ve been following the Women of the Wall controversy, this video is a fascinating look at what it’s really like to be there. A poignant and emotional video that will spur lots of discussion about freedom of religion within Israel.
Check out all of our video clips here, or upload your own.
Did you see our shoutout in the Forward by Jay Michaelson? He wrote, "First things first. has, in the three years since its launch, become a well-oiled Pesadik machine. Templates, video clips, clean web design — there is no longer any excuse for...
April 2, 2014
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Yoga For Your Seder Table - Triangle Pose, By Marcus Freed of Bibliyoga
Sure, seder means order, but that doesn’t mean you can’t play around at your seder. In fact, we have over 60 games and activities that will help give your seder a healthy dose of fun. Some of these games are great for young children, but we also have lots that are fun for grown ups, and intergenerational groups, too. Here are some of our favorites:
Afikomen Treasure Hunt by Adam HopkinsDon’t just hide the afikomen, send your guests on a treasure hunt all over the house, tracking down clues that come straight from the story of the Exodus. A nice way to add something new to the traditional afikomen search. 
Yoga for Your Seder Table from Marcus J Freed Marcus Freed runs, and he has a series of clips to add to your haggadah that bring some deep movement into your feast of freedom. These yoga poses can be adapted for any body, and some can even be done while seated at the table. Want to bring a little freedom into your body during the seder? This is a great way to start.
A Guided Visualization for Healing from the Kalsman InstituteWe are all slaves to something, and this guided visualization allows the leader to bring seder participants through a meaningful and deep visualization of slavery, and of releasing the bonds of slavery. A great way to bring some intense energy to your seder.
A Passover Play by Rabbi Daniel BrennerThis 10-minute play is the perfect way to get guests of all ages involved in the story, and get through the Maggid section without putting...