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Become a Haggadot One Time member by donating $36 dollars or more. Your support helps us keep provide tech support, maintain our servers, and bring you great new content Passover.

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Become a Haggadot Monthly member by donating $5+ dollars a month. Your monthly support allows us to keep Haggadot.com and our partner site, Custom & Craft Jewish Rituals going year round. With Custom & Craft, you can make your own Shabbat Service, High Holiday Prayerbooks, and more. We'll send you a free tote bag as a thank you gift!

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Become a Haggadot Macher by making a one time contribution of $500 or more. Your support helps us improve and upgrade our technology, so that we can bring you a better user experience. We'll send you a tote bag and as an extra thank you, we'll schedule a free, 1-hour creative consulting session to help you create the Jewish experience of your dreams.