March 24,2021

Sharing Your Haggadah On Zoom

Posted by Haggadot

Split Screen Haggadah and Seder Guests on Zoom

Since the pandemic began, our team has played with several different methods for sharing your Haggadah during your virtual seder. Of all the options, we most recommend downloading your Haggadah as a Portrait PDF, then sharing on your screen in Zoom.  You and your guests can choose the "split screen" mode so you can see the Haggadah and your seder guests all in one screen.


Why this option? 1) No need to deal with printing.   2) Everyone will be facing forward to view the Haggadah, the other seder guests, and their laptop / desktop camera all at the same time.   3) You'll all stay on the same page, at the same time. It will feel like you're all looking at each other, and not down at your tablets, printouts or second monitors. Special thanks to our volunteer, Dov Jacobson, who compiled this handy PDF with detailed instructions for your screen sharing options.


If splitting your screen doesn't work, you can of course email the PDF to all your seder guests who can then choose to either print or view on their own screen. You can also do a screen share of the interactive version, but we still strongly recommend that you download a PDF option as backup and email to your guests in case anyone encounters slow internet or other last-minute technical issues. Whatever you choose, be sure to download several hours ahead of time (ideally tonight) so that you have time to address any issues beforehand, and time to get it touch with us to help you!


Our team will be available for questions until 6:00pm ET on Saturday, March 27. Afterwards, we'll still be monitoring the site but we can't guarantee that we will be able to respond before your seder.