March 02,2021

Games to Play At Your Seder

Posted by Haggadot

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The Zoom fatigue is very real, but your seder doesn’t have to be a struggle. Whether you’re gathering virtually or in-person, get the whole family involved with these classic games, featuring a Passover twist.  Want more ideas? Check out Our Favorites for Families Haggadah:


Celebrity - Before the seder, the host creates a simple Google Form where everyone can submit the name of a Jewish person who will be the celebrity. The celebrity can be a Biblical character, historic figure or modern Jewish celebrity. If everyone is meeting in person, they can write their names on a slip of paper.  Next, the host divides everyone into two or three teams. The leader selects a participant from the first team who will get the name of a celebrity. The rest of the players on that team have to ask questions to figure out who the celebrity is. Once they guess the celebrity, the other teams take a turn. The host times each round and the team who guesses their celebrity the quickest wins.

Afikomen Game, Designed By Dov Jacobson -  This online game is perfect for seder gatherings online. 
First, the Leader opens the Afikomen Game. They pick any of the 32 objects to hide the Afikomen underneath it. Then, the leader screen shares with guests. A player jumps in to assert remote control and moves an object on the screen to look underneath it.  Then, another player jumps in and takes a turn to look for the afikomen. Repeat with players until it's found! 

Pictionary - This game is especially fun for kids. Before the seder, the leader selects a few Passover terms like, “Pharaoh,” “matzah” or “plague of frogs.” You can select more complicated terms for groups including mostly teenagers or adults. Rotate who draws for a few rounds. Select a winner based on time, or let everyone vote on their favorite drawing. 

Charades - More of an actor than an artist? No problem! Instead of drawing different parts of the Passover story, seder goes act them out. Bonus points if you invite people to bring props in advance. 

Digital Afikoman Hunt - From Lex Rofeberg at Judaism Unbound, is this word search option with popular seder terms and detailed Zoom-friendly instructions. 

Scavenger Hunts - Not just for afikoman!  If some participants in your seder need to get up and move around frequently, assign them a scavenger hunt. Assign each child to find something green for karpas, or a pillow for reclining, or hand sanitizer. The first one back wins! 

Storytellers - Haggadah literally means “The Telling,” so what better game to play at a seder than a storytelling game?! The leader begins by telling a story about Passover. At random, another seder-goer interrupts, saying “yes, and…” then they continue the story until another seder-goer jumps in. Creativity counts in this game where everyone wins.