Why is this ice cream different from all other ice creams?

Bread O’ Affliction! – Sure, we wanted to use real bread, but who has the time?!

Hillel Sandwich – Made from the old Rebbe’s secret recipe! Where’s Elijah when ya need him?!

Burn Bush Burn! – Our spiciest ice cream peppered with Red Hots! You’ll never quite consume it!

Two Plagues Twisted! – Boils and locusts swirled together with a rich Red Sea core!

Gephilte Phish! – Random, minced fish pieces in a fabulous jellied froth!

Let My People Go Eat Ice Cream! – From Yahweh’s mouth to your freezer! Right now!

Karpas-tacular! – It really is!

Son Who Don’t Know How to Ask!– We mixed in not one, not two—but four cups of wine!! You don’t have to be wicked or wise (or simple, even!) to love this combination!

Coffee-Komen! – If the kids find it, YOU get the prize!

Hadgadyattahaveit! – With actual lamb’s blood mixed in—not even the Angel of Death will “pass over” this treat! Yum!

haggadah Section: Conclusion
Source: McSweeny's