Prayer for the People of Ukraine


As we celebrate our liberation from bondage, we remember that security and safety are just out of reach for many of us. We pray especially for the people of Ukraine.

Sovereign of the Universe

Who hearkens to our prayers.

We stand before You in solidarity

with all who are enduring the darkness of human conflict in Ukraine.

May You protect all the innocent

at this moment of great peril for them,

their country,

for Europe and the world.

Bring fortitude to the vulnerable,

resilience to the insecure

and strength to those who live in fear.

Incline the hearts of national leaders towards peace and reconciliation

and bless them with the wisdom, vision and perseverance needed

to end this war and restore peace to the region.

Almighty God,

strengthen the hands of those who pursue peace, not war.

Bring harmony where there is hostility;

relief where there is pain and hope where there is despair.

May the One who makes peace in high places

Make peace for all on earth.

May this be your will,

And let us say Amen.



haggadah Section: Maggid - Beginning
Source: Ephraim Mirvis, Chief Rabbi of the UK and Commonwealth