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When Messiah Comes Lyrics

When Messiah Comes Lyrics

This song was written to be part of Fiddler on the Roof, but was cut from the show before it made its Broadway debut for being too slow, and comic at a moment in the show when the people of Anatevka are experiencing tragedy. It imagines a world in which the Messiah is coming, but lost, and worried about us.

Words and music by Sheldon Harnick

When Messiah comes he will say to us,
“I apologize that I took so long.”
“But I had a little trouble finding you,
over here a few, over there a few…..
You were hard to re-unite
But, everything is going to be alright.”

Up in heaven there how I wrung my hands
when they exiled you from the Promised Land.
Into Babylon you went like cast aways,
On the first of many, many moving days
What a day…. and what a blow!
How terrible I felt you’ll never know.

Since that day
Many men said to us, “get thee out,”
Kings they were, gone they are,
We’re still here…….

When Messiah comes he will say to us,
“Don’t you think I know what a time you had?
Now I’m here, you’ll see how quickly things improve.
And you won’t have to move unless you want to move.
You shall never more take flight,
Yes! Everything is going to be alright!”

When Messiah comes, he will say to us,
“I was worried sick if you’d last or not,
And I spoke to God and said, 'Would that be fair,
If Messiah came and there was no one there?'
And the Lord replied to me,
'Wait! Everything will be alright you’ll see!'"

Many times, many men, took our homes,
Took our lives, Kings they were, gone they are.
We’re still here!

When Messiah comes and his reign begins
Truth and justice then shall appear on Earth.
But if this reward we would be worthy of
We must keep our covenant with God above.
So be patient and devout…. and
Gather up your things and get thee out!

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