The Four Sons

 To our seder last year

 came a strange-looking man with four sons:

 Smarty, Nasty, and Simple, and Sam.

 Now Smarty was smart--

 yes, so clever and wise,

 he could do the whole seder while closing his eyes.

 From beginning to end, from the end to the start,

 he recited it over and over by heart.

 In Hebrew and Hindu, in Snufic and Roman,

 from the first Ha Lachma to the last Afikoman.

 But Nasty refused to take part in the seder.

 He just sat there and smiled with his pet alligator

 as he pulled people's hair and he poked people's eyes

 and sprinkled their matzah with beetles and flies.

 What he needs is a thwack on the back of the hands,

 and a slap in the face and a kick in the pants.

 Away in the corner sits sweet brother Simple.

 Whenever he smiles his face breaks out in dimples.

 He only asks about simple facts

 like "What's a matzah?"

 and "Tell me how tall is a Gloogasaurus Zax?"

 And Sam doesn't even know what to say.

 He just sits in his box till the end of the day,

 till his Dad packs him up and takes him away.

haggadah Section: -- Four Children