Kadesh: Blessings over Cup #1 of wine and marking sacred time.

Urchatz: Ritually washing hands without offering a blessing.

Karpas: Eating green vegetable dipped in salt-water.

Yachatz: Breaking the middle matzah (of the ceremonial 3) to create the Afikoman.

Maggid: Telling the story. Why is this night different? 4 sons! 10 plagues! Enough already! Pascal lamb, matzah and bitter herb explanations. Cup #2.

Rachtzah: Ritually washing hands with a blessing before breaking bread.

Motzi: Blessing over bread.

Matzah: Blessing over matzah. Eat matzah.

Maror: Blessing over the bitter herbs. Eat bitter herbs.

Korech: Eating a sandwich of matzah and bitter herbs.

Shulchan Orech: Festive Meal.

Tzafun: Finding / ransoming / eating the Afikoman.

Barech: Blessing After Meals. Cup #3. Elijah.

Hallel: Singing psalms of praise. Cup #4.

Nirtzah: Seder ends. Next year in Jerusalem. Drinking songs.

haggadah Section: Introduction
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