Seder Table

by Matt Waldman and Ana Fuchs

"I'll read the poems out loud, and you guess what on the Seder table I am rhyming about!"

Matzah, Carpas, an Egg and Maror

Haroset and shank bone for marking the door

Six items there are, and as you can see

They symbolize Pesach and tell our story

...Seder Plate!

We light them on Shabbat

And sometimes when it’s not

They gleam and glow

And you must know

To be careful because they are hot!


From grapes do we get this drink

For Seder, it’s 4 cups, I think

Kiddush is the blessing we’ll say

Over this for our Seder today.

...Kiddush cup!

It is crunchy and flat

Because it did not rise.

This unleavened bread

Should be no surprise.


Each year on Passover

We read from these books

They teach us our story

But not how to cook.


Always one extra – a seat and a cup

We leave for this person, in case he shows up!

...Cup for Elijah!

haggadah Section: Commentary / Readings
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