Re-enacting the Exodus

Syrian Jews throw sacks of matzah over their shoulders and say a special verse in Hebrew about leaving the Egypt in haste.

In haste we left Egypt! A screen play!

Children: Knock, Knock!

Adults: “From where are you coming?”

Children: “From Egypt, where we were slaves to Pharaoh” He made us do such hard work. (Improvise about how bad it was).

Adults: How did you escape?

Children: Hashem sent Moshe and Aaron to tell Pharaoh: “Let my people go”. When he refused, Hashem sent 10 plagues. Finally Hashem brought the most awful plague on the first born of Egypt. Than Pharaoh kicked us out.

Adults: “Where are you going?”

Children: “To Jerusalem.”

Adults: “What is on your shoulder?”

Children : “Matzah and Maror.”

Adults: Why Matzah?

Children: We had no time for our dough to rise into bread?

Adults: Why Marror?

Children: It symbolizes the harsh labor we did in Egypt.

Adults: Tell us more about the Harsh Labor you did in Egypt!

Children: Yes we will, and about the plagues by with the Lord rescued us…..

haggadah Section: Urchatz