“Rabbi Gamliel used to say that those who have not spoken of the following three things on Pesach has not fulfilled the obligation of the holiday. They are Pesach, Matza and Maror.”

Pesach – the Pascal Sacrifice. I am Pesach when I sacrifice my own needs for the needs of others. I am Pesach when I say yes, though I mean no. I am Pesach when I bleed each month.

Matza. I am Matza when I am broken and split into two. I am the sweetness of that first taste of Matza on seder night. I am the dryness of the Matza after 7 days of nothing else. I Matza when I am flat, and Matza when I am humble. I am Matza when I am filled with many contradictory characteristics. I am Matza the bread of affliction and Matza the bread of freedom.

Maror – I am Maror when I resent my place, and maror when I dwell on how I am wronged. I am maror when I cry and maror when I cause others to cry. I am maror when I slip into self pity and maror  when my bitterness moves me to action. I am the sharpness and the wit of maror.

haggadah Section: -- Cup #2 & Dayenu
Source: Alexandra Benjamin