Nirtzah: Concluding Songs Are Sung

Nirtza ends the Seder with a declaration that the Seder has now reached its conclusion and an assertion of our hope that we will be able to celebrate the next Passover as it was celebrated in the days of our ancestors, in Jerusalem. Then, just when
all the participants are tired and a bit tipsy, the songs begin. The end of the Seder is the time for such Passover favorites as Who Knows One and Chad Gad Yah ?


The Seder now concludes according to Halacha (Jewish law), with all its ordinances and statutes. Just as we were privileged to arrange it tonight, so may we be granted to perform it again. O Pure One who dwells in the heights above, establish us as a people numerous beyond counting once again, speedily guide the off-shoots of Your planting (Israel) as a redeemed people, to the land of Zion with song.

Cha’sahl see’door Pesach k’hil’cha’to, k’chol mish’pah’to v’choo’ka’to. Ka’ah’sher za’chee’noo l’sah’der oh’to, kain niz’keh la’ah’so’toh. Zahch sho’chain m’o’nah. Ko’maim k’hal ah’daht mee ma’nah. B’ka’rov na’hail nit’ay cha’nah. P’doo’yim l’Tzee’yon b’ree’nah.

Next year in Jerusalem!

L’shah’na ha’ba’ah bee’Yerushalayim.

YOUR THOUGHTS: What is the significance of saying “Next Year in Jerusalem?” What is the difference between the modern, physical city and the spiritual ideal of Jerusalem?

haggadah Section: Nirtzah
Source: National Jewish Outreach Program's Beginners' Haggadah