The night of Pesach

By Michael Druck © 1992

It was the night of Pesach 
And all through the house 
You couldn't find bread 
In anyone's mouth 
The table was set with karpas and fish 
And maror and wine 
And potato knish 
With Daddy and Mommy 
And poor Uncle Lou 
Grandma and Grandpa 
And Sammy and Sue 
A place was set where nobody sat 
For Elijah the Prophet and a cup that was fat 
With wine and cheer 
For all that came by 
To see our set table 
And thank G-d with a sigh 
How lucky we were to be all at home 
And none of us should feel ever left all alone

First we made kiddush 
Then the washing of hands 
Karpas is next 
Passed 'round the table to Sam 
Dividing the matzoh and telling the tale 
Of the Jews leaving Egypt for Israel 
We passed the maror 
And ate our fish 
And hid the matzoh away with a dish 
And Grandpa stood up and said with a tear 
"We should all be together for Pesach next year!" 
Have a wonderful Pesach 
With joy in your home 
And from me to you 
I will say a SHALOM! 

haggadah Section: Songs