FROZEN (Parody Lyrics by Judy Caplan Ginsburgh

The Jews smear blood on their doorposts tonight, This is the final straw
Nine plagues haven’t softened Pharaoh’s heart, This is the final one.
Things are about to change, the Jews will survive
Hurry up and pack, we’ll run for our lives.

So, one more time, Moses asks Pharaoh
Will you let my people finally go?
We’ve worked for years, we’ve done your tasks
And now, I ask 

Let us go, let us go, We won’t work for Pharaoh anymore
Let us go, let us go, It’s time for us to soar
We don’t know, Where we’re going to go
But we have faith, We’re sick of building cities anyway.

It makes no sense how all these plagues wouldn’t change your mind
And now we’re leaving fast, there is so little time
It’s time for all the Jews to flee, To follow Moses to the Sea
It’s right, not wrong for you and me, ‘Cause now we’re free!

Let us go! Let us go! Even though our bread won’t rise
Let us go! Let us go! On our way to Mt. Sinai
History, is being made, The story lives on….

The Haggadah tells the story every year at this time
We ask four questions and we drink four cups of wine
The afikomen brings the meal to its end
We wish that next year, we’ll be in Jerusalem.

Let us go! He let us go! And we wandered for forty years
We are free, we are free. It was hard to hold back tears

Now we sit at our seder tables, The tradition goes on!
And now we eat matzah for seven days!

haggadah Section: -- Ten Plagues
Source: Judy Caplan Ginsburgh