Freedom gives us the power to choose how to live our lives,

which foods to eat,

which clothes to wear, 

which schools to attend, 

which friends to make.

Thousands of years ago, the Jewish people didn't know that joyous feeling we call freedom.  They were slaves in Egypt crying out to be free.

Imagine a narrow prison cell, so tiny that our stretched out arms touch the sides, and we have to sit huddled up, knees bent, in a tight ball.  That's how slavery feels.

The seder is the story of the Israelites' journey from slavery to freedom.  Everything we do on Passover reminds us of that awesome journey that began in the darkness of Egypt in the middle of the night and ended in a land that people had never seen, the land God had promised them, the land of Israel.

On Passover, we look forward to walking again on that road to freedom as if we ourselves were there.

haggadah Section: Introduction