Zog Maran

ZOG, MARAN (Tell Me, Marrano)
words: Avrom Reyzen (aka Abraham Reisen or Reisin) (1876-1953)
melody: Shmuel Bugatch (aka Samuel Bugatch) (1898-1984)

Zog, Maran is a poignant and beautiful song about Sephardic Jews secretly celebrating Pesach. It could be dedicated to any people who risk being persecuted for practicing their own religion. The song is told as a question and answer dialogue.

Zog, maran, du bruder mayner,
Vu iz greyt der seyder dayner?
In tifer heyl, in a kheyder, )
Dort hob ikh gegreyt mayn seyder. ) 2x

Zog, maran, mir, vu, ba vemen
Vestu vayse matses nemen?
In der heyl, af gots barotn, )
Hot mayn vayb dem teyg geknotn. ) 2x

Zog, maran, vi vest zikh klign,
A hagode vu tsu krign?
In der heyl, in tife shpaltn,
Hob ikh zi shoyn lang bahaltn. 2x

Zog, maran, vi vest zikh vern,
Ven men vet dayn kol derhern?
Ven der soyne vet mikh fangen, 
Vel ikh shtarbn mit gezangen. 2x

Tell me, Marrano, you brother of mine,
Where is your seder prepared?
In a deep cave, in a room,
There’s where I prepared my seder.

Tell me, Marrano, where, from whom
Will you acquire white matzos?
In the cave, by God’s will,
My wife kneaded the dough.

Tell me, Marrano, how will you be so smart
As to acquire a Haggadah?
In the cave, deep in the cracks,
I have long since hidden it.

Tell me, how will you defend yourself
When they hear your voice?
When the enemy will capture me,
I will die singing.

haggadah Section: -- Cup #2 & Dayenu