Your utopia is enough

Our world, too, includes prisons and persecution, and even comrades who don’t agree with our personal visions of what freedom, life, humanity look like. An early dayeinu - each of our own dream-visions is enough for us.

Since we’re not given a blessing to say during Urchatz, only water, we can let our minds wander. While we do this, think about the questions:

*  What is your own beautiful ideal? What does it mean to live it?   
*  What will keep us sustained - hydrated - as we’re moving towards those ideals? What - and who - brings us nourishment while we're on our way to our futures?

Put your dreams into the water as it comes to you.

Ritually wash hands without reciting the blessing. 

In recognition and celebration of the feminist Seder tradition of Miriam’s Cup, this water, which now holds our dreams, will fill our Miriam’s Cup in a ritual that, from what we know, came up in Boston in the early 1990s at a feminist Rosh Chodesh ritual, and took flight from there into the Passover Seder, recognizing the role that Miriam played in the Exodus and the wandering that followed.

haggadah Section: Introduction