You Don't Need To Be A Super-Soldier...

Sure, Steve Rogers can rip a log in half with his bare hands. But look how sweaty he gets! We know he can do this all day. And it looks like he has been.

You, however, can break a board of matzah in half without a single bead of perspiration. You don't have to be Captain America. You can be the heroic captain of your own seder.

But since we're talking about America's First Avenger, let's really talk about him. Steve Rogers is the prime Avenger, recruited into the super-soldier program not because he was physically strong but because although he lacked physical strength, his heart was loyal and patriotic and self-sacrificing, to a fault. Steve Rogers always does what he believes to be the right thing to do; while he's a soldier who respects the chain of command, if government agencies instruct him to act against a friend, that's where conflict emerges and he may go rogue...but only for love of humanity.

"The price of freedom is high," he says. "It always has been. But it's a price I am willing to pay." Throughout his career as an Avenger and as a leader, it's that love of humanity that takes precedence over individual love or concerns; but in the Endgame, Cap finally gets his happy ending. And he ends up sitting on a bench looking like Joe Biden. We're just saying.  

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haggadah Section: Yachatz
Source: Esther Kustanowitz