Holding up the three matzot from the Seder plate is a reminder that there was no time for yeast in bread-dough to rise - the Israelites did not have time to prepare.
—  Exodus 12:39

Together all are welcome to celebrate the Festival of Unleavened Bread - now and for generations to come - because it was on this very day that God brought you and I out of the Narrow Places.
—Exodus 12:17

This year here; next year hopefully in Jerusalem.

Remembering the ancient Temple sacrifice of this day, break the middle matzoh into two unequal sections.

From the Greek work, "epikomen," which means "that will come after," the larger piece of the broken Matzoh is called the Afikomen
—Talmud Pesachim 119b

...but hide it to keep the kids awake and to remember that there is no other entertainment after the seder.

haggadah Section: Yachatz
Source: The Minimalist Haggadah by Jon Kessler