Now I break the middle matzah and conceal the larger portion as the afikoman.   Afikoman is the greek word for dessert and we cannot complete our seder with dessert unless I can later put the full middle matza back together again.  Matzah is one of the core symbols of Passover.  It is unleavened bread, bread that did not have time to rise when our forebearers rushed to escape from Egypt. Over the centuries Jews have invited each other and all peoples to share in this bread when they recite this ancient Arameic prayer:

This is the bread of affliction, the poor bread,

which our fathers and mothers ate in the land of Egypt.

Let all who are hungry come and eat.

Let all who are in want share the hope of Passover.

As we celebrate here, we join with our people everywhere.

This year we celebrate here; next year in the land of Israel.

Now we are still slaves; next year may we all be free.

(insert Hebrew  Ha lachma)

haggadah Section: Yachatz