Now I break the middle matzah and conceal one half as the afikoman.  Later we will share it, as in days of old the Passover offering itself was shared at this service in Jerusalem.  Among people everywhere, sharing of bread forms a bond of fellowship.  For the sake of our redemption, we say together the ancient words which join us with our own people and with all who are in need, with the wrongly imprisoned and the beggar in the street.  For our redemption is bound up with the deliverance from the bondage of people everywhere.


This is the bread of affliction,

The poor bread,

Which our fathers ate in the land of Egypt.

Let all who are hungry come and eat.

Let all who are in want

Share the hope of Passover.

As we celebrate here,

We join with our people everywhere.

This year we celebrate here.

Next year in the land of Israel.

Now we are still bondmen.

Next year may all be free.

haggadah Section: Yachatz