We break the middle matzah in two. One half, we keep for the motzi. The other half, we wrap away to hide as the afikomen.  

We spend much of our lives hiding who we are as queer and trans people. Either by staying closeted while in school, or allowing others to use whatever pronouns they instinctively see, or by ignoring questions about our families and partners while in professional settings. When we hide the afikomen, we use it as a symbol for the aspects of ourselves that we have to hide away.

Later, after the meal, there will be a group hunt for the afikomen. This will be a symbol for the search for those parts of ourselves. The seder cannot end until we find the afikomen, and reveal to the community those beautiful parts of ourselves that we had to hide. We dedicate it towards the aspiration for a world that accepts out whole selves.

haggadah Section: Yachatz
Source: Galia Godel