LEADER: (Places before him the three wrapped Matzos from the Seder Plate.) I now perform the ceremony of "Yachatz." I shall break the middle Matzoh in two, removing one half and setting it aside. This will become the "Afikomen," the dessert, to be eaten at the conclusion of our meal.

PARTICIPANT:  Yachatz is where we break the middle matzah, which symbolizes the strength of the Jews to escape from their situation in Egypt no matter what.  Much is broken in our world right now.

PARTICIPANT:  The Jewish tradition teaches that it’s not up to us to finish the work of repairing all that is broken with the world, but that we still must engage in whatever way we can, and to do so with our whole hearts. 


Reflect: What's one way you plan on reaching out to someone, be them friend, family or stranger?  How can you make the distance apart feel a little smaller?

haggadah Section: Yachatz