Breaking of the Middle Matzah

Three matzot (plural for matzah) have been placed in a decorative holder, called a “matzotasche”. The middle matzah on the plate is removed and broken in half. One half is put back with the stack; the other half is placed in a napkin (or special holder) and designated the Afikomen (the dessert) and put aside. It is traditional in some homes to hide the afikomen now for children to find before it is eaten after the meal, or for children to “steal” the Afikomen and “hold it ransom.

Notice how the Matzah is made without leaven. As it is prepared, the bread is striped and pierced. Now, we take it out, break it, and hide it away for a time. It will return at the end. This is important to us, and we will see why later on in the evening.

haggadah Section: Yachatz