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Why We Are Together Tonight

Why We Are Together Tonight

Clip Featured in Machar Congregation's


We have come together this evening for many reasons.
We are here because Spring is all around, the Earth is reborn,
and it is a good time to celebrate with family and friends.
We are here because we are Jews,
because we are members of the Jewish nation,
with its deep historic roots and its valuable old memories and stories.

We are here to remember the old story of the liberation of the ancient Hebrews from slavery in Egypt
- a great struggle for freedom and dignity.
We are here because the struggle for human freedom never stops.
We are here to remember all people - Jews and non-Jews - who are still struggling for their freedom.

As we feel how wonderful and important it is for diverse peoples to come together,
let us recite and then sing the words of HINNEH MAH TOV.

HINNEH, MAH TOV - BEHOLD, HOW GOOD! (Adaptation* of T'hillim / Psalms 133.1)

Behold, how good and how pleasant it is
when peoples* dwell together in unity!

Hinneh, mah tov u-mah naim
shevet ammim* gam yahad!

(*originally "brothers", or "achim")