Why Is This Night Different?

Each one of us is obligated to consider ourselves as coming out of Egypt. Here are some questions for our individual journey of liberation....

- What in my life do I experience as "Egypt" this year?

- In what ways have I been set free?

- Mitzrayim, the Hebrew word for Egypt, means a "narrow place." How could my "narrow place" function as a place for growth?

- In what ways could I confront and express my powerlessness?

What specific practical actions can I take?

What outside my control can I trust to liberate myself?

If I created three personal symbols from my own story which parallel those of the seder - the paschal lamb, matza, and the bitter herb -what would they be?

What is my prayer as I take the steps in my journey of liberation?


From "The Outstretched Arm", Volume 2: Issue 1, Spring, 1999

haggadah Section: -- Four Questions
Source: National Center for Jewish Healing, Holiday Resource Sampler, Volume 1: Passover