Why do we lean when we drink the wine?

Because tonight we are a free people; we are not standing behind our guests as servants would, but rather lounging as only people with leisure can.

We have told the story, we have made it our own through song and ritual, but have we fully answered the opening four questions?  

Not completely.  We have delayed some of the answers until just before we eat the symbolic foods on the table and dip for the second time, so that they are in our minds as we perform these actions. 

There is also a fifth question that used to be part of the Seder: why is there a roasted bone and a roasted egg on the Seder plate?

Because when the Temple stood in Jerusalem, our ancestors offered animals and other sacrifices as a way of marking their holidays and special occasions.  

What is our Passover offering that takes the place of ancient sacrifice? We offer to do all we can to seek justice and liberation for all.

haggadah Section: -- Cup #2 & Dayenu
Source: Herbert Levine