Why Are We Here Tonight?

As we gather together for another Passover seder, it's important that we take time to ask "Why are we here tonight?"

We are here because:

  • We are Jewish or someone we love is Jewish
  • We value traditions
  • We like good food (regardless of how it makes us feel later!)

We are here because we   can   be.

We are fortunate to live in a country and a time when we can gather together to engage in religious traditions without fear or consequence. So many others have not- do not have this freedom.

More importantly, we are here because we   should   be.

No matter how "Jewish" you consider yourself to be, consider your responsibility to ensure that the stories of the Jewish people continue to live on. The story of Passover, a story of the journey from enslavement to liberation, can be retold and remembered in a setting of love, laughter, and freedom.

So, regardless of why you are here tonight, may you find meaning in the people, the traditions, and the food that surrounds you, and may you always enjoy the freedom to be who and where you want to be.

haggadah Section: Introduction