Imagine the middle matzah, unbroken, in your hands. 

This is your true self.  It is whole: combines your positive attributes with those you see as negative, your good intentions and where you miss the mark, your happiness along with your sadness, celebration with mourning. 

Now, break it in half.  Feel your negative self and your imperfections fall as the crumbs of the matzah crumble to the plate.  You have given permission for these pieces to be free.  They might seem small and insignificant but they have the power to bring your true self down.  Now without them, the half of yourself that remains can be transformed into freedom, it can heal itself to become whole again, to be converted into the Afikomen.  Until that happens, we need to hide it, hide ourselves so that we can find ourselves and be changed by our encounter together.  

haggadah Section: Yachatz
Source: Rabbi Jessica Shafrin