Where were You, Adonai *,
                                                            in that black, bitter, unending night?
                                                            Were You asleep?
                                                            Unconscious? Comatose?
                                                            Or did You go away?
                                                            How can we appeal to You
                                                            when You are not there?
                                                            Did You forsake us?
                                                            Where were You, Adonai,
                                                            when we needed Your help?
                                                            We wept for You
                                                            but were not comforted.
                                                            We cried out to You
                                                            but were not answered.
                                                            We prayed to You,
                                                            but our prayer did not rise.
                                                            Where were You, Adonai,
                                                            when we labored as slaves,
                                                            when adults became weak as children,
                                                            when children became adults in a day
                                                            and too many of us were killed
                                                            in that black, bitter, unending night?
                                                            How can we call on You
                                                            when we are ashes?
                                                            Did You forsake us?
                                                            Now that daylight has returned,
                                                            have You awakened, Adonai,
                                                            thinking that this was just a dream?
                                                            It was no dream, Adonai,
                                                            it was Your people’s nightmare.
                                                            And now, Adonai, are You awake?
                                                            Conscious? Alert?
                                                            Have You returned from where You were?
                                                            When we weep,
                                                            will You now comfort us?
                                                            When we cry out to You,
                                                            will You now answer?
                                                            When we pray to You,
                                                            will our prayer now rise?
                                                            Can our remnant now invoke You?
                                                            Are You there, Adonai?
                                                                       R. Gabriele S. Silten

haggadah Section: Commentary / Readings
Source: R.Gabriele S. Silten