When bored and in doubt - Act It Out!!! By Samantha Garelick

By The Garelick Family

Here's a few fun ways to liven things up and get everyone involved:

1. Before your guests arrive - give them each a section of the Hagaddah to discuss, they must come to your Sedar with a poster, a song, a dance or a skit about that section. This can be easy for them but definitely a highlight for all of the guests.

2. Play the famous game of headbands with Sedar objects and ideas: Use the traditional plastic headband straps from the board game but make your own clues. Draw pictures of Matzah, Slaves, Pyramids, Charoseth, Bricks, Eggs, Pharaoh, you get the point. They have somewhere choose a card (they do not see) and wear it facing out. Other guests have to give them clues until the guess what they are wearing. You can get funny - use Prune juice for constipation etc.

3. Act out the movie "The Ten Commandments" this project takes a little planning ahead but it's awesome. Go through and print some key scenes of dialogue from the original Cecil B. Demille "The Ten Commandments" movie by Paramount. Email us if you can't find copies! Give people parts to play and when things start to get a little dry at the Seder, act out a scene. It definitely livens things up!

4. If you have a table of people who don't all know each other well, ask each person for an interesting fact about themselves. Then place that fact under someone else's plate. As the Seder goes on, have people go around and read the fact and try to figure out the person. It gets alternative conversation flowing.

5. Along the same lines as #4 ask each person to bring a skill they'd like to demonstrate. If you invite a person who loves to work-out ask them to show two favorite exercises to the table - but everyone must participate. This gets people up and moving.

At the end of the Haggadah we have added some other fun activity ideas that you can consider adding to your Seder.

haggadah Section: Songs