Welcome Home: A transpLAnt Seder

Welcome home to Los Angeles!

Starting over. Returning home. Joining a new community. If this sounds familiar, you are not alone! This seder was inspired by all of the transpLAnts that took a risk, dug deep to find the courage to get out of their comfort zone and try something new. We have followed our ancestrors The Israelites (OG transpLAnts) to create a new chapter in our lives.

Passover is a time of inclusion. From the most downtrodden to the most celebrated, the message is clear: everyone is welcome and everyone is necessary. Why is it that we go out of our way to include all at our seder table? Perhaps it is because when we make room for others, we have the opportunity to make room for ourselves as well. 

Perhaps the only way we are able to see ourselves, is when we are truly able to see those around us. This message of inclusion hopes that this reimagined seder offers something for everyone. Sit back and enjoy as we re-imagine our Passover Seder through the lens of LA culture and the idea of having the courage to start fresh.

Thank you for joining us and wishing you a meaningful Passover.

This Haggadah was written with contributions by co-creators:

Danny Bittker

Lindsay Dick

Danielle Kanizo

Mitch Marmon

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haggadah Section: Introduction