I welcome all of you to our seder--a feast of freedom that Jewish people have been celebrating for thousands of years. Our guide for the seder is the book we are holding, called a Haggadah; its words help us retell the story of Pesach, or Passover. We will use the traditional ritual of the Seder to learn about our people's journey from slavery in Egypt to freedom, eat special foods that stand for Passover's many messages, and teach these traditions and values to the next generation.

The Passover seder is not only the retelling of an ancient story. Jewish tradition asks us to actually feel the bitterness of oppression and the sweetness of freedom, so that we are better able to understand the hope and courage of all people, of all generations, in their quest for freedom, security and human rights.

According to tradition, this is a night of questions. Each participant is encouraged to ask questions, engage with the others at the table, and challenge the text, and in doing so find inspiration to tackle a small piece of the great work that will never be finished: making the world fairer, gentler and better for all people everywhere.

haggadah Section: Introduction