Thank you for coming to our Holy Seder this evening! Based on many years of using the Maxwell house Haggadahs, in 2012 finally did it, we broke down and created our own personalized Haggadah. This year is Gormin Freedom Files 2.0. This haggadah is complete with the full traditional haggadah text,interesting commentary, jokes, cartoons, songs, and personal challenges. Our goal for this haggadah was 2 fold. Firstly to make this Haggadah appropriate for everyone, at any level of observance or background. Secondly, we want to encourage everyone to internalize some of the key messages of Passover. Without the challenge of personal growth and religious connection, the Seder would be just a night with silly customs to talk about the Exodus and eat lots of good food.  We would like to thank our parents and grandparents for instilling in us a love of our heritage and commitment to family. We hope that this Haggadah will be able to add a new dimension to your Passover Experience. Through our collective effort of personal growth, we can all reach our ultimate potential, and next year, sing and dance together, in a more complete world with all of our family, past and present, in the streets of Jerusalem towards the courtyard of the rebuilt Temple. Love and Blessing,

Derek "Dovid", Sarah Leah, Yisroel, Chaskel, Zissel, and Nachman

haggadah Section: Introduction