Whether it's your first seder or your 107th, and whether you’ve cleaned your home of every last crumb of chametz (food that has leavening) or you plan to eat an English muffin for breakfast tomorrow, doesn’t matter. The Seder is a chance for us all to be taken on a short but important journey from slavery to freedom, and to join millions of Jews and non-Jews all over the world who are doing the same thing. (Think about how cool that is for a second...) The Passover story includes love, deception, belief, hope and freedom. When you get to the skit that tells the story of Passover (Maggid), imagine yourself wearing dirty rags in the dusty desert of Egypt. Sing loudly during the music moments no matter how you think you sound. Let the readings about freedom open your heart. And for God’s sake, don’t worry about the Hebrew (there’s barely any in here). Have an extra glass of wine if you want. Just have fun! You’re in for a treat. And maybe a bit of a hangover.

Happy Passover!


Team JewBelong

haggadah Section: Introduction
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