Wait, why are we washing our hands for vegetables?

At this point, you may think to yourself, "IM GONNA BE FREAKIN STARVING!" Knowing this from past seders, you may feel the need to munch down on as much Carpas as humanly possible. But tonight you are a free man, you are not a slave. That includes being a slave to your stomach! So we push off our appetizer, and wash our hands to demonstrate that we are not slaves to our impulsive eating habits. Rav Nachman of Breslov says the Hebrew word "Rachitz" in Aramaic means "Trust," because we should trust in Hashem, as we wash now, that no matter what our meal consists, of even if its just a little parsley twig, that G-d's "got our back" when it comes to the nourishment and survival of the Jewish people, and there is more in store for us; namely some good brisket. 
When Rav Itzeleh Wooker observed one of his students grabbing for the largest piece of potato, he said to him "How can tonight be a night of celebrating freedom, if you are still an Eved to a Potato!"

haggadah Section: Introduction
Source: Open Source Haggadah