There must be at least one Jew present at the Seder because only the Jews left Egypt and can tell the story.

Additionally, you must do these 5 things at your Seder:

1. Drink 4 cups of wine (or grape juice)

2. Tell the story of leaving Egypt in the first person

3. Eat LOTS of matzah

4. Eat bitter herbs

5. Rabban Gamliel insists that we must say these three things in order to fulfill our obligation on Pesach:  Pesach ,   Matzah,   Maror. It is surprising that we must say the words. Isn't it enough just to eat them?   We must talk them out because these three  mitzvot  convey three fundamental principles in our belief in Hashem. Each of them describes a way in which Hashem is subtle and exact in how He relates to us and provides for us.

Pesach  acknowledges that Hashem  pasach  (skipped over) the houses of our ancestors in Egypt. 

Matzah corresponds to Hashem's precision in time. 

Maror - reminds us of how the Egyptians embittered our lives in slavery

So together, let us all say...PESACH, MATZAH, MAROR

haggadah Section: Yachatz