So, here we are. We’ve gotten through the fire, and through singing-blessing, and now we’re at the water.  - which is an opportunity to engage with Miriam, the sister of Moses and Aaron:

Miriam has long been associated with water. Although Miriam, a prophet and the sister of Moses, is never mentioned in the traditional Haggadah text, she is one of the central figures in the Exodus story. The rabbis attribute to Miriam the miracle of a well that traveled with the Israelites throughout their wandering in the desert, making sure that the travelers had enough water to drink. In the Book of Numbers, the well dries up immediately following Miriam’s death. Of course, water played a role in Miriam’s life from the first time we meet her, watching over the infant Moses on the Nile, all the way through to her triumphant crossing of the Red Sea, during which she danced and sang in celebration, and to the miracle of her well - she gives us water in the desert. (Adapted from the Jewish Women's Archive)

Emma Goldman is quoted as saying “It’s not my revolution if I can’t dance to it.” It’s not confirmed that she ever said that, but she did say:

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