URCHATZ ~ A Hand Washing Ritual Fill a jug with water and bring it and an empty bowl to the table. Reader: One at a time, pour water over each others’ hands. As water is poured over your hands, share with us what you would like to let go of right now, what you would like to have “washed away”. And after each person speaks, give them support by all saying “Kayn Yihee Ratzon”, or “So Be It.” (23) Reader: During the Urchatz, some groups share the names of parents or grandparents or countries or villages of our ancestors (27) During this time, let us also remember the indigenous peoples that lived on this land before it was stolen by the U.S. government. If you know the names of the indigenous tribes that lived and live in your area, take a moment to say these names aloud. If you don’t know, take a moment to reflect on this. "The next world war will be over water." - Ismail Serageldin, former World Bank vice president by Kristen Zimmerman 29

haggadah Section: Urchatz