Ritual hand-washing in preparation for the seder | urchatz | וּרְחַץ


Water is cleansing and clear which is why many cultures and religions use water for symbolic purification. We wash our hands two times during the seder: now, with no blessing, so we can get ready for the for the rituals; and then again later, we’ll wash with a blessing this time, preparing for the meal, which Judaism thinks of as a ritual in itself.

 To wash your hands, you only need water for your hands not soap. Now you pour water on your hands three times. Everyone should get a chance to wash their hands.


Let's pause to consider what we hope to get out of our evening together tonight. Go around the table and share one hope or expectation you have for tonight's seder.

haggadah Section: Urchatz
Source: Original/JewishBostin.com