Winter is Over

by Daniel Prakhabmek

Winter is over, the cold is gone,

The universe is filled with joy.

The southerly winds slowly blow

Repairing a gloomy soul.

Young sun, spring sun,

Shining in the sky,

Casting a wealth of light on the Earth,

Blinding eyes.

The naked trees,

Are awakened again,

The noisy city,

Dons a new face.

Everything is joyful, alive, and glowing,

The spirit of spring washes over all

Happy are the tall buildings,

Crowned by high mountains.

Still, there remains a glassy film of ice,

Over the swamps, over the streams,

Still, the trees are bare,

The leaves not yet budded.

The birds not yet returned,

Singing their joyful songs,

But spring is already felt,

In every corner and square.

The sky has changed

The sea foam is different,

And spring is already seeping,

Into the depths of the soul.

This is not the world,

This is not as the heights of Creation,

Everything is alive, fresh, happy

Everything returns to life!

haggadah Section: Commentary / Readings