Tze Ulmad – Go out and learn By Natalie Gerber

I find it interesting that the authors of the Haggadah chose the phrase Tze Ulmad (Go out and learn) as the introductory phrase to the section of the Haggadah that is used to tell the actual Exodus story rather than “Listen to the story” or “Tell the story” as it does earlier in the Haggadah. It is different than “ V'higadta l'vincha” (And you should tell your son) when it instructs you to tell the son who cannot ask about the Exodus story. I think that there is a lesson that the Rabbis are trying to teach us. Yes, you can sit in the four walls of a classroom and read everything that has ever been written on a topic. Yes, you can sit down with scholars and discuss for hours your thoughts with each other and learn from one another. But if you really want to learn, if you really want to see what is happening in the world, you must “go out and learn.” You must get up and go out and experience life yourself, see it with your eyes, feel it so that it becomes instilled deep within your bones.

haggadah Section: -- Exodus Story