After the meal has ended, all (who earlier hid their eyes) search for the missing broken matza called the Afikoman.  This is the sweet-tasting dessert for the meal.  In Hebrew. AFI is (my nose) KOMAN (rises up) and what makes one's nose rise better than a dessert?   It is forbidden to eat or drink anything (except the remaining two cups of wine or grape juice) after eating the Afikoman.

When the Afikoman is found and a reward paid to the one who first spots it, the Afikoman is divided among all the guests at the Seder and eaten at the same time.

Mystically, it represents the Book of the  Covenant given at Sinai that Israel earlier broke, but which it now finds "sweet to the taste." Eaten without bitter herbs, it also is a hidden allusion to Israel being cured of its evil tongue and restored fully to its Covenant, symbolized by the Cup of Covenant which is poured immediately after the Afikomen is eaten.

haggadah Section: Tzafun