Tzafun The Afikomen

Sources: Jewish Boston and Elie Wiesel

The playfulness of finding the afikomen reminds us that we balance our solemn memories of slavery with a joyous celebration of freedom.

Since we no longer eat the paschal lamb, for the Temple has been destroyed, it is the taste of the afikomen which must remain with us for the rest of the evening. But first we must buy it back from our children.

As we eat the afikomen, we are grateful for moments of silliness and happiness in our lives.

Long ago, it was the custom after leaving the table to go elsewhere for more festivities. Sometimes the religious celebration degenerated into noisy revelry. To avoid this, it was decreed that after the afikomen, there would be no more eating. But there could be more drinking. And so, please fill your third cup.

haggadah Section: Tzafun
Source: Jewish Boston and Elie Wiesel