Two Cups of Our Best Natures: Elijah’s and Miriam’s Cups:

Hope and growth, vision and cultivation, dreams and clarity: Elijah and Miriam bring us cups of the best of humanity. In our stories, Elijah, with his prophetic voice, draws near when a better world is in sight. And Miriam, with her well, refreshed and nourished our people throughout their wanderings, 

When we fill Elijah’s cup with wine, let it be with our sweetest wine, as an offering for the possibility of better times, times of peace, times of compassion, times of wholeness.

When we fill Miriam’s cup with water, let it be with our freshest water, as an offering to the spirit of working, right here, as we wander, for those better times for everyone.

Let’s open our doors to the world where our visions and our work wait for us, inviting them to share this space. [[[TAKE A MOMENT]]]

With our focus on Elijah’s cup and the promise of the future, we sing

Eliyahu HaNavi, 
Eliyahu HaTishbi,
Eliyahu, Eliyahu, 
Eliyahu HaGiladi.

Bimheirah b’yameinu, 
yavo eileinu.
im mashiach ben David,
im mashiach ben David.

With our focus on Miriam’s cup and the promise of sustenance for our work, we sing

Miryam han’viah --
oz v’zimrah b’yadah
Miryam tirkod itanu
l’hagdil zimrat olam;
Miryam tirkod itanu
l’takein et haolam.

Bimheirah v’yameinu
hi  t’vi-einu
el mei ha-y’shuah,
el mei ha-y’shuah.

And now, consider: Will you leave your doors open or shut? Will you hope, will you work, will you march together? Or will you wait for a better day to make its way to you?

haggadah Section: Conclusion
Source: Written for Carolina Jews for Justice by Heidi E. H. Aycock