10.  Before painting his Easter egg, he dips it in salt water

9.  Observes Lent by giving up leavened bread

8. Easter Basket looks suspiciously like your cute themed Shalach Manos from last month

7. Ordered wife's Easter Bonnet from sheitels.com

6. Easter Feast suddenly relocated to the  Fountain Bleu in Miami

5. On Good Friday,  wishes people a "Gut G'bentchin Friday"

4. Kicks off Children's Egg hunt with the words: "Find that afikomen!!"

3. Searches bangitout.com for Top Easter pickup lines

2. When you ask him what day of lent it is, he says "Last night was 25"

1.  He’s keeping your Chometz

haggadah Section: Motzi-Matzah
Source: Bangitout.com Seder Sidekick