10. PassoverKnight - He's always different than all other knight

9. MatzaMatzaMan - Within 18 minutes this superhero can flatten himself and escape anything, even your incredibly intrusive distant relative

8. KarpasGirl - She can make any vegetable suddenly taste like the greatest food on earth (primarily because you're starving.)

7. Sherlock Home: He can immediately detect whether or not a home is pessadic enough to accept a lunch invite

6. Man-ishtana - He's just like The Riddler, only in Hebrew

5. Dr. FunnelCake - His tempting treif smells are just too powerful to resist – especially when hotdogs at $10 bucks each at Great Adventure

4. Pinky - She is able to rapidly shoot wine drops to instantly ruin any table cloth or haggadah

3. The Bitter Herb- this is your evil uncle Herb who won't stop complaining about how long the seder is going

2. Wonder Woman - this is what we call your mom after doing so much work for this holiday

1. AfikoMan - If you can get to him first you hold the power to get anything you want in this world!!!!!

haggadah Section: Commentary / Readings
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