10. US ARMY -  "THE ARMY OF 'who knows ONE?“

9. Animal Awareness Passover Campaign - "Frogs are our friends, not a plague."

8. American Red Cross - "This Passover, lets make rivers of blood“

7. Lenox Hill OBGYN - "We wont throw your newborn into the Nile“

6. Adoption Promotion Week - "Drop your unwanted children in a basket in the NYC Reservoir, for less fortunate parents to find!“

5. D'Angelo's Barber Shop: "Free lice check with every haircut“

4.  Republic of China's Population Control Agency - Death of the first born commemorative pins

3. Ebay: "Your Afikomen is worth a lot more than that"

2. Radioshack: "You've Got 4 questions, We've Got Answers“ 

1. Kosher For Passover Ex-Lax, now in new Matzah strength:  "Ex-odus"

haggadah Section: Maggid - Beginning
Source: Bangitout.com Seder Sidekick